Quick thoughts regarding Igawa

A 25 million dollar plunge unrelated to the luxury tax counts as relative pocket change in the admittedly gluttonous Yankees universe. Therefore, going forward, Kei Igawa’s performance should be judged in context of his contract, not the posting fee. Because the contract he will receive will be on par with a number four starter.

Obviously, the Yankees overpaid for his rights because:

A. It doesn’t count against the luxury tax.

B. Right or wrong, they think he’s better than Lilly/Meche.

C. They have ALL the leverage in negotiations. This will allow them to sign Igawa to a contract well below market value.

Once one gets past the posting bid, the signing is certainly reasonable. The Yankees just need to realize their work is far from finished.

I’ll compose a more comprehensive look at this deal later on tonight or tomorrow.



  1. Bill


    My name is Bill Rasmussen, AKA Ras#45, and since the PBS seems to shut down for the winter, I started seaching for a Yankee blog that’s now active. This blog looks like it fits the bill. I gotta run now (at work ;( )

    so I’ll catch up to you people later…

    Ras #45 (live in Boston, of all places)

    PS: We need another starter and a guy with power to play 1B….

  2. Matt

    Well thanks for the consideration. I’ve been shut down for a couple of days because the work has really picked up here at college, but the Yankees Digest will be back with a vengence real soon.

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