The Yankees reportedly interested in Patterson: Is he Womack II?

Simply put, no.

Patterson plays great D in CF. He has fantastic tools but constantly throws away AB’s due to his poor plate discipline. Pitchers would just challenge Womack. Patterson gets himself out. But his plus output at a premium defensive position, superb base running ability, and decent power, make him way, way better than Womack. Womack couldn’t even turn the double play pivot, for Christ’s sakes, and never had the tools to be a top ten prospect. Immerse Patterson in a professional lineup, with coaches diligently working on his approach at the plate, and his big time talent could pay dividends. Think about it: Has Patterson ever been in an organization that legitimately sought to improve his weaknesses? Mr. “walks clog the bases” Baker handled him terribly. And the Orioles are so totally lost that, by my eye, they don’t even have an organizational philosophy.

I have the distinct suspicion that this is all still happening. Just a feeling that Santana will be pitching for the Yankees on Opening Day, Patterson batting ninth and playing center, replacing the departed Melk man.

Hope the dude at “Save Phil Hughes” doesn’t have a heart attack.


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