On the Bissinger Blog Fiasco


I find it amusing that Bissinger and others cling to this strange idea that intelligence in the area of analyzing sports can only be certified with a degree in journalism. It really is outside the confines of logic. Good writing beats access any day of the week. It is the reader’s digression in determining whether or not a particular blog has quality content, but the merits of the content should never be disqualified because the writer doesn’t have access. Yeah, Alex Belth [of Bronx Banter] wasn’t visiting the clubhouse before writing his game reports back when he churned them out on a daily basis, but nullifying the analytical, and emotional, content of his posts because he was watching the games at home is an utterly backward notion. 


Bissinger’s point of view comes off as simplistic. And it’s disappointing, because I thought Friday Night Lights was a masterpiece. Excellent writing and commentary supported by even better reporting. So I was disappointed by Bissinger’s performance on HBO, to say the least.



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