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MLB, Direct TV, and you, getting screwed

Quite simply, the move of MLB Extra Innings exclusively to Direct TV *****.

As the American consumer continues getting screwed over by big business, and this country’s hypocrisy extends to include monopoly inspired tactics, all I can really say is this:

I never thought I would miss Jerry Remy’s over the top New England accent.

But I will.


MVP Baseball and NFL 2K are sacrificed so John Madden football can rule uncontested over the pigskin gaming market.

Madden hasn’t been the same since then, one could argue that the franchise is rapidly corroding, despite epic sales.

The fans lose, in the end.

I find similarities between that situation and this. People will always get screwed in the name of profit.

The key word is exclusivity.

As in, competition gets excluded.

Yeah, that’s the American way.


Millions of baseball fans are now pissed at Bud Selig and company.

What else is new?