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ESPN Vs. Journalism: Round 47


Ha, ha, ha. ESPN kills me. Honestly? I LOVE it! They actually toss out statistics at the bottom of the article, in a sad attempt to lend credence to the latest mindless spewing of everyone’s favorite amateur sociologist, Gary Sheffield. Seriously, how lost is ESPN? And how insulting are these comments to everyone besides Sheffield? [Latin Americans, executives of every ilk, the entire sport in general] You know if ESPN HAD any journalistic credibility, one of their columnists would absolutely RIP Sheffield for these moronic statements in the coming days. But, I’m not counting on it. After all, ESPN isn’t in journalism business, if that were the case, they wouldn’t be so scared of the NFL. Excuse me, has anyone seen Playmakers? Anybody? How ‘bout Ron Mexico? An in depth profile regarding the deeds of Terrance Kiel perhaps?


But how can we be shocked? From the same network that informed Americans everywhere of their latent racism if they happened to hate Barry Bonds, comes another paradox:

Labeling Latin ballplayers subservient: OK. [So far]

Moronically dubbing female athletes as nappy headed hoes: Not OK.

No, Sheffield can’t be fired for his opinions, but he can be taken to task with equal vigor. 

Go ahead, ESPN.

Surprise me for once.